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Join Chiara Mason for a reading of Blooming: Poetry for Seasons of Change, recently named a 2023 Poetry Finalist in The Canadian Book Club Awards!

About the book:

Journey through the seasons in Blooming, a collection of poetry and prose featuring the life-altering transformation of the cycles of growth and grief. Beginning in the heat of summer, finding release through letting go in the fall, experiencing the cold death of winter, and reaching for fresh opportunities and new beginnings in the spring — as each season changes, so do we. Love and heartbreak, joy and pain, depression and hope; whichever season of life you’re in, Blooming is a guide for your next step in life’s journey, providing a path through the changes you face. Perhaps it’s in those changes where we find the answers we’ve been looking for all along.

With the writing style of Rupi Kaur and an aesthetic similar to Michaela Angemeer and Noelle Rousseau, Chiara Mason’s debut focuses on topics of growth, grief, and mental health. Blooming will make readers feel seen, moved, and hopeful for the future. This book is for young adults who are navigating changes in their lives, and will be a great fit if you are struggling with mental health and/or grief.

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