Palimpest Press Fall Launch: Barbara Langhorst + Jamie Tennant + Jennifer Chen – Thursday, November 15 at 7PM

Join us to celebrate the launch of Barbara Langhorst’s debut novel, Want, forthcoming from Palimpest Press!

Want follows the story of Delphine Boudreau and her husband Hugo. They are living the hobby farm life of her dreams on the Canadian Prairies, far from the world of climate change concerns and global conflict. The only thing missing is a spectacular new kitchen, a tiny bistro to call their own. When she accidentally orders one online, her attempts to remedy the situation threaten her marriage to Hugo. The pressure explodes when her brother Paul arrives with end-of-the-world paranoia and plans to save the whole family on his hidden rustic homestead. As Del’s comfortable little world falls apart, she, Paul, and Hugo must work through layers of family conflict to reveal the secret that has entangled her family for generations. Funny and crisp, Want is the brilliantly relatable story of a woman who has to choose between a shiny new kitchen and her family’s survival. Barbara Langhorst’s Want will keep you laughing and guessing until the end.

We’ll also be featuring two Palimpest authors — Jamie Tennant and Jennifer Chen, authors of The Captain of Kinnoull Hill and Super!, respectively.

The Captain of Kinnoull Hill by Jamie Tennantis about Dennis Duckworth – widely considered the least-likeable person on the Chicago music scene – is a philanderer and a misanthrope with a history of inflicting pain and suffering on nearly everyone he meets. When a routine flight from New York mysteriously alters its path mid-flight, he finds himself penniless and stranded on a remote hillside in rural Scotland. The hill is home to Eddie the Red Cap – a curmudgeonly, thousand-year-old goblin who secretly loves books and regrets the violent past of his people. Eddie is determined to put his murderous life of mayhem behind him; Dennis merely wants to stop being a jackass. How can it be that Dennis faces the bigger challenge? Filled with absurdity, magic, humour and hope, The Captain of Kinnoull Hill asks what happens when we can no longer abide our own nature. How much can we truly change about ourselves and — in the end — is it worth it to try?

Super! by Jennifer Chen is a young adult sci-fi novel. In 1900, Frances E. Shaw floats innocuously from her hospital bed, and changes the world forever. With Frances dawns the era of “Supers”, children that develop extraordinary supernatural powers during puberty. Crime plummets. Wars stall. Magnificent children sweep the world by storm, and everyone is entranced.In the present day, all eyes are on Beata Bell, descendent of the great Frances E. Shaw. Bets are placed on which amazing power she will inherit. Flight? Telekinesis? Super hearing? Only Beata Bell remains stubbornly, infuriatingly, and inexplicably normal. Sidelined, she must face the painful reality that she might never live up to everyone’s expectations. But the Super world can’t seem to leave her alone! When a new villain threatens the city, Beata is launched into a whirlwind of mystery, danger, and conspiracy. With a totally normal skill set, she must exhaust all her wits and courage to save her friends–and to survive.

Author Bios

Born and educated in Edmonton, AB, Barbara Langhorst teaches writing and literature at St. Peter’s College in Muenster, SK. Her first book, Restless White Fields (NeWest 2012), won Poetry Book of the Year Awards in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Want is her debut novel. She lives in Humboldt, SK.

Jamie Tennant is a writer and radio program director based in Hamilton, ON. A long-time music enthusiast, Jamie has covered music and pop culture both locally and nationally. He is the Program Director at 93.3 CFMU at McMaster University, hosting two shows. In 2014, he was co-founder of the Hamilton Independent Media Awards. When he is not helping set up the JUNOs, being on the Grand Jury for the Polaris Prize, or blogging for the Fujirock festival in Japan, Tennant continues to write for several magazines and blogs; his 2009 article on rock band Simply Saucer was nominated for a National Magazine Award. He currently lives in Hamilton with his wife and son. The Captain of Kinnoull Hill is his debut novel.

Jennifer Chen has worked as an office administrator, store manager, blog writer, and research assistant. She received a Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of British Columbia, and her first screenplay, Owen and the Whale, was ranked in the top ten overall in the Canadian Short Screenplay Competition 2013/14. Jennifer currently lives in Toronto, with her turtle.