Reading with Scott Walker from “Caminos” – Thursday, November 8 at 6PM

Join us for a reading and discussion with Scott Walker, author of Caminos (Guernica). 

Caminos tells the story of Mercedes González Conde and her daughter, granddaughter and great-grandson. Each of them live and love, cope with and compound their inner troubles as issues of abandonment, attachment, identity and rootlessness circle around and through them. The novel is set in the northwest Spanish province of Asturias and the eastern United States — primarily West Virginia and Ohio — with scenes in Mexico, Canada, Prague and Berlin.

Scott Walker has worked as a writer, editor and analyst for Virginia-based Bulletin Intelligence since 2002. He has written posts about US politics and government policy for The Economist “Democracy in America” blog. Caminos is his first novel. He lives in Asturias, on the northwest coast of Spain.